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Rhode Island
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Karl Robert Rittmann 1919 - 2001

For over fifty years Karl R. Rittmann painted Rhode Islands people, landmarks, and its beautiful bay. He created several murals in prominent buildings across the state. Karl painted the portrait of every mayor of Warwick from 1936 through 1999 when he finished that of soon to be Senator, Lincoln Chafee. These works are on display in the city hall building in Apponaug. Scores of families in the region have enjoyed his oil and pastel portraits. Besides his murals, portraits, and landscapes, Mr. Rittmann created many pen and ink illustrations of Rhode Islands notable citizens and athletes for the Providence Journal and the Warwick Beacon. He also illustrated a book on tennis instructions, had greeting card companies use his artwork, and lettered signs and advertisements. For over twenty years Mr. Rittmann taught art at Warwick Veterans Memorial High School before becoming the vice-principal there. After retiring from the school system he dedicated himself to capturing Rhode Islands treasures on canvas. He painted over forty works including landscapes, historical buildings, seascapes and college campus montages that where reproduced as lithographs. Friend and colleague, Spencer Crooks, noted Rhode Island watercolorist, describes these works as "scenes that people understand". Please enjoy the gallery of these prints and thanks for visiting.

On August 31 2001, Karl Robert Rittmann passed away. Our family would like to thank all of his friends and patrons. Along with his family, art and sports, Karl liked nothing better than the pleasure of a conversation with his many associates from all walks of life. You helped make his life a joy and a success.

- Guy Rittmann -

The Burning of the Gaspee Mural is included in the Gaspee Virtual Archives Website. This mural is located in the Shriners Hall on Broad Street in Cranston.

Mr Rittmann was an inductee into the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame in 1990.

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