Giclee Prints of works by Karl R. Rittmann
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  "Disappointment on Diamond Hill" 

Open Edition

  "Winter at Warwick Light" 

Open Edition

Reproductions of the above works by the late Karl R. Rittmann are now available for sale. These are giclee(jee-clay) prints. Giclee is fast becoming the standard for reproducing art. The original work is first stored digitally. Then, a special printer sprays colored dots in high resolution onto the media producing brighter colors, truer detail and a more resilient finished product than older methods of reproduction. If desired, the watercolor paper which the works are typically printed on can be substituted with other media including canvas. These colorful winter scenes make wonderful giclee reproductions and will look great all framed and hanging on the wall.

The work "Disappointment on Diamond Hill" was painted by Karl R. Rittmann in the early to mid 1950s. It depicts a town work crew making the road safe at the expense of the young sledders. Karl used subjects from the neighborhood as models. Today, it makes a wonderfully nostalgic look back at life in America at that time. The original is tempera on board. Noted for his oils and pastels, Karl was very adept with this medium as well.

"Winter at Warwick Light" was painted some 20 years later. It is an oil on canvas work. This was a follow-up to the scene he did of Warwick Light in summer, the lithograph reproduction of which has been extremely popular(see catalog page to compare). In this winter scene, he has turned the boats in the foreground over and has brightened the house with a colorful coat of paint to contrast it with the white snow. Also, an axe has been left embedded into a stump, and a wisp of smoke is coming from the chimney. Note the soaring seagulls always present in a Karl R. Rittmann seascape.

- Guy Rittmann -

  "Rhode Island Auditorium" 

Open Edition

This giclee print depicts fans scurrying to the famed Rhode Island Auditorium to witness one of the bouts of Rocky Marciano. The Auditorium or Arena, as it was often called, served as the home ice of the beloved Rhode Island Reds hockey team and even hosted the Boston Celtics from time to time. It staged numerous concerts, ice shows, and high school hockey matches from 1926 until it was torn down in 1989. It stood at 1111 N. Main St., Providence.

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