A sampling of works by Karl R. Rittmann
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  "Aweigh-and-Away"  30"x24"  

 "Pontiac Station"  26"x18" 

  "East Greenwich Depot"  30"x24"                                     

 "East Passage"  26"x18" 

 "Beavertail"  29"x20.5" 

 "Sails"  30"x22" 

 "Carousel"  26"x20" 

 "Image"  20"x26" 

Lithograph Prints on this Page
Title of PrintSize
Aweigh-and-Away 30" x 24"
Pontiac Station, Warwick R.I.26" x 18"
Old East Greenwich Train Depot 26" x 20"
East Passage, Narragansett Bay 29" x 22"
Beavertail, Narragansett Bay29" x 20.5"
Sails on Narragansett 30" x 22"
Rocky Point, Carousel 26" x 20"
Image 20" x 26"

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